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This exciting, energizing and empowering sequence of yoga poses is specifically designed to work the whole body improving both mind and spirit. Encouraging a focus on breath, this hot Vinyasa yoga practice promotes upper and lower body strength, balance and flexibility. Through this dynamic exercise, students progress physically while also benefiting from the intense, mental, and spiritual effects of this practice. The profound relaxation that accompanies a clear and open mind.


Heated class inspired by ballet barre, Pilates, yoga, and sculpting. Non-impact cardio designed for developing long, lean muscles. Toning exercises use weights, balls, Pilates rings and bands to sculpt the arms, core, glutes, and thighs. Capri’s or long pants recommended.

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Combining Vinyasa flow with weights to strengthen and energize body and mind. The class incorporates core strengthening, calisthenics and high-intensity interval training.

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Our 60min Hot Pilates class takes you through an amazing mat workout. By combining the Pilates principles with our heat, this class covers it all – toning, cardio and killer abs. These full-body exercises will leave you feeling long, lengthened and toned. Expect to work. Expect a tighter waistline. And expect to get hot. All levels.

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VIBES HOT HIP HOP (60 Minutes)

Carefully choreographed to music that ranges from Dr. Dre to The Weekend. We ask that you come with an open mind, stripped of any and all expectations you carry of yourself, and take an hour-long vacation of the mind, body, and soul. All levels welcome.

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VIBES HOT 26 & 2 (90 Minutes)

Hot 26 & 2 consists of a powerful 26 posture and 2 breathing exercises series practiced for 90 minutes in a room heated to 105 degrees. The 26 posture series is designed to warm the whole body, allowing students to work deeper into the muscles, tendons, joints, bones, glands, ligaments and organs while systematically moving fresh oxygenated blood to every part of the body. As a result, you will build strength, flexibility, balance and an unparalleled feeling of mental and physical well-being and relaxation. Each posture builds upon the previous posture and prepares you for the next. Proper weight, muscle tone, vibrant good health, and a sense of well-being will automatically follow. This powerful beginners class is designed for all levels, whether a first-time student or an advanced practitioner.

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Visit Us for Hot Yoga, Barre , and Pilates | Huntington Beach Yoga | Newport Beach Yoga | Orange County Yoga

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